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"In God we Trust"

by: Aubrey Broussard
Jennings Daily News

Every mobile unit in the Jennings Police Department (JPD) is now emblazed with the words “In God We Trust.” Bethel Church Lead Pastor Blaine St. Germaine has been the chaplain for the department for about two years now and said in an effort to show his support to all of the officers on the force, he, on behalf of the church, has ordered, paid for and delivered 20 faith-filled stickers to the department; one for each unit. “In light of the recent hostility being shown to law enforcement officers throughout the nation, we wanted to offer a token that might bring the members of the department some peace, comfort and solace in these difficult times,” said St. Germaine. “I’ve really built a relationship with these brave officers and many of them have begun coming to church to seek the grace of God for comfort. When we began seeing other area departments add the stickers, we knew our department should also have the opportunity to share that faith. I contacted the chief and we discussed adding the stickers to the units.” JPD Chief Todd D’Albor said he was honored to receive the stickers from the church. “I was approached by Pastor St. Germaine on behalf of Bethel to donate the stickers for the police vehicles,” said D’Albor. “I was touched as I also wholeheartedly believe in these words. Obviously, they are the fundamentals of what our country was founded on. It’s even printed on our U.S. currency. I feel this truly symbolizes what we as, not only a department, but also a community, are all about.” D’Albor added St. Germaine and the church donated the stickers to the agency, and no public funds were used to purchase them. “Prior to accepting this heartfelt tribute, I also talked to the mayor about adding the stickers,” said D’Albor. “He was also in agreement and allowed us to accept this blessing.” “Before we start every council meeting we always have a prayer before we say the pledge,” said Jennings Mayor Terry Duhon. “I have yet to hear anyone complain about praying to God. At our football games we pray to God for the safety of our players as well as our fans before saying the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. ‘In God We Trust’ is written all over our currency and our founding fathers based this country on religions freedom. Not everyone may feel the same way and we’re not trying to offend anyone, but personally I see nothing wrong with trusting God in our lives or for putting those words on our police cars. Those officers put their lives on the line daily and hopefully they pray for God to bring them home safely to their families. When Todd told me about the stickers, I felt the same way that he did. I trust in God. This is just a show of good faith and I feel if we trust in God, we can’t go wrong.”


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