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Jennings Police Department Units Sport New Look

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By Aubrey Broussard
Jennings Daily News Staff Writer

The Jennings Police Department (JPD) police cruisers have begun sporting a new look. Chief Todd D’Albor has begun changing the previous blue and white scheme to a more traditional black and white look. “When I came into this office five years ago, I came in with the idea to go back to the more traditional approach of law enforcement,” said D’Albor. “I wanted to use that approach to bridge the gap between the community and the department. This is part of the final stages of that transformation.” The old blue decals are being removed and the new look includes the monochromatic black and white design with the reflective JPD seal insignia on each side of each unit, along with large, bold reflective lettering. “The blue design has been representing the department for the last decade, and I feel it’s time to approach the next decade with a different look,” said D’Albor. “We will phase out the old design and phase in the new design slowly, so we will only have one unit out at a time.” D’Albor said the units would undergo the transformations beginning with the newer Ford Police Interceptor SUV’s and Dodge Chargers then eventually the older model units. “The black coloring additions are a decal applied to the surface of the units and the process takes about a day to complete each unit,” said D’Albor. “It really freshens them up and gives them a whole new image. We are really excited about this transformation as well as the traditional image it represents.”


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