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Meth/Guns/Stolen Items seized in Search Warrant



At approximately 11:00 pm last night, members of the Jennings Police Department executed a search warrant at a mobile home located in a trailer park on S. Lake Arthur Ave. Undercover operations revealed a unknown male was selling illegal narcotics and officers were able to secure a search warrant. Once inside, officers were met by two male subjects and moved quickly to secure the premises as multiple weapons were present. The investigation identified Efrain Flores Garza, 34, residing at the residence and had been there for approximately 1 month, but is from the Houston area. The second male was identified as Robert Haley, 40, of Jennings. Officers found numerous handguns, a SKS rifle, and numerous shotguns. Besides the weapons, numerous large capacity magazines with ammo and body armor were located. Officers discovered a substantial amount of crystal methamphetamine and pills, all packaged for street level sales along with approximately $1900.

It was then discovered that Garza was a fugitive from Harris County Texas for failure to appear on drug and weapons charges in 2013. That part of the investigation revealed he has known gang ties and Harris County authorities are planning full extradition of Garza. Both suspects are being processed and the investigation is still ongoing at this time.


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