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Community Services Division

Daily News Editor (Jennings Daily News)


In an effort to identify “problem areas” in the city and develop a better relationship with its residents

in able to solve them, the Jennings Police Department has formed a Community Services Division.

“We are to trying to build on what we already have in place,” explained Jennings Police Department (JPD)

Chief Todd D’Albor. “It’s for citizens to voice their concerns, maybe about possible drug activities or

anything they are concerned with in their neighborhood.” D’Albor said the division is

operational now with the recent hire of Christopher Lehman. 

Lehman is no stranger to service, as the Jennings native is not only serving his city, but has spent much of his career serving his country,as well.  Lehman retired from the U.S. Navy, and was also employed by the U.S. Department of Defense as a federal government civilian employee with multiple senior leadership roles.

During that time, Lehman managed budgets that totaled over $1 billion dollars, led over 100 staffers

worldwide and was responsible for the acquisition, planning, implementation, and monitoring of

all aspects of shipbuilding for several classes of ships and nuclear submarines.  He is currently a Program

Manager Consultant for a large DOD contractor and is also the owner of several successful business enterprises.  With such an extensive resume, D’Albor said he has no doubt that Lehman is qualified for the department’s newest position.  “He fits perfectly into this division,” D’Albor said. “He is a problem-solving guy and is and has been a resident of Jennings. He is a graduate of Jennings High School and

was in the military, but came back home. He is invested and wants to make a difference in the community.”

D’Albor believes that hiring Lehman is another positive step for an always improving police department.

“He is a sworn officer with our department and will have a direct line of communication with me,” the

chief continued. “Anyone with concerns can call (337) 821-5530 and leave a message for Chris (Lehman), as we are working on getting a direct line set up for him, or visit our website, and fill out the ‘submit a concern’ section. Chris (Lehman) will contact you.”

D’Albor emphasized the need for community involvement to solve the city’s crime problems.  Communication, he said, is key.  “We only see what is in front of us, but if people voice their concerns to us, we are aware of the problems and can find a resolution,” D’Albor said. “In years to come, this will still be a good resource. I’m confident this will work; he’s the right guy.  We will start with one street

or one block and come up with a plan and deal with those issues. We need the community to see that this

will work and we would like the whole community aboard.” D’Albor said this is a way to give the community

a voice “with” the department so they can take a stand together.  “If the police and community work together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish,” D’Albor added.  “There will also be a patrol request on our website, so if someone is going out of town and needs someone to patrol while they are gone, you can

fill out the patrol request and someone will patrol as often as they can.” Lehman said he’s excited

to be back home serving his city and is ready to get the ball rolling.  “I’m excited because in all

the time I was gone, 30 years later, I felt in my heart that community service is what I wanted to do,” Lehman said. “Then I met the chief and started thinking that this would be the perfect way to

serve this community and a gateway to something bigger.  I have spoken to some people who think that this may not work or make a difference.  This is motivation for me.”  Lehman said some problems

may be easy to solve; others will take a group effort.  “But there is always a solution and I have to find

the answer,” he said.  D’Albor said it’s already worked in one case, where an unregistered sex offender

was arrested near Jennings Elementary School due to these efforts.  “Please call Chris (Lehman) or visit our website if you have any concerns or complaints,” summed up the chief. “He will return your calls and we will be a better community from it.”


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