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A Mothers' Letter name is Angie Richard and wanted to share a lil story about my son Blaize and the Jennings Police Dept.....especially Officer Mike Hill.

Blaize is an 18 yr old autistic child with mental dissabilities. His dream when he turned 18 on July 28 2012 was to become a police officer. The best I could do was get him the outfit and call JPD to surprise him with an officer come to our house and let him get the look.and feel of a real police car. They pulled it together real fast and sent one out and Blaize was the happiest 18 yr old i have ever seen!! After posting the pics on of my friends who is a dispatcher at JPD messaged me right away and started putting together a visit to the Police Dept with Officer Mike Hill. About a week later Blaize had his visit at the JPD and got a tour that put a smile on his face from ear to ear!! He received a certificate and a special JPD coin. Since that day Mike Hill has come to our home on 3 different occasions just to visit his "backup". Today he brought my son a calender with all the police officers on it and plans on making another visit soon!!! The JPD gets alot of bad rap but there are good officers who go above and beyond; therefore, thats why i wanted to share my story and show my appreciation to them.


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